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Reduce marketing budget waste

High ROI, No Risk Marketing Tool

Guaranteed high ROI with zero marketing budget waste

Do you ever fear that you might spend money on a campaign or take up a new marketing initiative and you don’t get the results you want?


For example:


SEO: Google can decide to change its algorithm and your keywords stop ranking (Panda/Penguin updates)

PPC: You pay a lot of money for clicks but fail to capture any leads

Social Media: You spend a lot of time posting on social media which only results in vanity metrics

Traditional Ads: Billboards, Magazines: No tracking, can’t guarantee results.

Traditional Marketing Collateral: No ROI, no engagement, no direct lead generation

Content Marketing: Money/time spent on creating content but unread

Vanity metrics: Budget spent on generating likes, followers, leads which has no effect on revenue

Trade shows/Events: A lot of money is spent on event organisation, but only small percentage come talk to you


Every single marketing strategy have a lot of risk: the risk that it doesn’t work, the risk that it doesn’t get any results, the risk that there is a low ROI, risk of wasting money.


Mann Materials is one of those rare marketing initiatives that reduces the risk to zero. Talk to us today to learn how our Intelligent Products is guaranteed to get prospect contact details, actionable data for personalization, powerful segmentation, intelligent insights, goodwill, brand impressions and engagement.


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No Risk, High ROI Marketing Tool

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