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Interactive Promotional Products

Increase smartphone engagement

Helping you open a new channel of marketing

With everyone using smartphones every day, do you have a smartphone engagement strategy in place?


If we look at traditional marketing channels, almost every single one is highly saturated and crowded with competitor offers.


When your customers open their email inbox, they might see your email, but they also receive hundreds of other emails too: from their colleagues, customers, suppliers from different industries, family and friends, and most importantly, your competitors as well.


When they go on social media, they see promotional videos, blog posts, articles but you can be sure that your prospects are not just receiving marketing messages from you but also similar messages from your competitors.

As we move forward into the future, as more budget is being allocated to these channels by your competitors, traditional channels of marketing will become hypercompetitive, more expensive and even more crowded.


This increase in digital clutter will inevitably lead to:

+ Lower brand impressions

+ Lower engagement

+ Missed KPIs

+ Decrease in ROAS

+ Impact on revenues

+ Impact on profits

+ More competition for the future

Mann Materials Intelligent Products help you break away from the clutter and place your brand, your call-to-action as well as smartphone engagement capability right in front of your potential customers - away from hundreds of ads on websites, emails etc. This means there is no competition as their focus is on you. Also, because it is in the form of a physical object they see and use every day, they can choose to engage with it any time.


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