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Potential Uses Of Mann Materials


Business Gifts: Foster Customer Goodwill And Retention

Brand Awareness: Promotion Of Brand Awareness And Brand Loyalty

Employee Relations & Events: Morale And Motivation, Corporate/Employee Events, Employee Orientation, Organizational Commitment/Corporate Identity, Corporate Communication, Employee Training, Employee Referral Programs

Trade Show: Trade Show Traffic Generation

Dealer/Distributor Programs: Dealer Incentives, Co-op Programs, Company Stores

New Customer/Account Generation: New Customer Or New Account Generation

Public Relations: Corporate Involvement With Community, Fundraising, Sponsorship, School Programs, Media Relations, Corporate Image

Not For Profit Programs: Not For Profit Use For Fundraising, Public Awareness Campaigns (Health, Environment, Public Safety)

Employee Service Awards: Anniversary Recognition, Service Awards, 

New Product/Service Introduction: New Product Or Service Introduction

Safety Education/Incentive: Employee Safety And Education

Customer Referrals: Customer Referral Incentive Programs

Market Research: Marketing Research, Survey And Focus Group Participation Programs

Market Analysis
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