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Micro/Macro Marketing Segmentation 

Deep Marketing Segmentation

Mann Materials enables you to create "actionable" macro and microsegments to boost your ROI

Micro/Macro Marketing Segmentation 

The most common pain point we hear from marketers is the lack of data for meaningful segmentation. This means that the data they get from website analytics (Google Analytics) only shows metrics like “location, device, age, browser, gender, time spent on page”. However, by segmenting their customers into Mozilla, Chrome and Safari users is meaningless and does not contribute to better marketing performance for most industries.

Use Mann Materials to segment and microsegment your prospects based on:


·Top priority

·Impact if goals are not met

· Product or service they are interested in

· Feature they are looking for

· Problem they want to solve

· Price range/Budget range

· Competitors they are interested in

· Reasons why they are not buying from us today

· Content they are looking to consume to make a decision

· Role

· Customer lifecycle

· Promotions/Discounts they prefer

· Industry

· KPIs

·Company size by revenue

·Company size by employees

·Bundled product or service

·Buying process

·Things that would stop them from working with vendor

What they already know about our company

Every single customer has different needs, product/service interests. They come from different industries, are in different roles and they have different concerns and pain points. By using Mann Materials, you can generate data to filter your customers into meaningful segments and avoid sending a single generic message to your entire customer base.


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