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Use Mann Materials to capture more "Top-Of-Mind" market share

According to the Oxford Martin School, GDPR has cost businesses an 8.1% decline in profit and a 2.2% drop in sales.


As consumers become more aware of data privacy, less people are opting in to organisations trying to market to them. Many outright decline consent.

You risk receiving hefty penalties and perhaps legal repercussions if you fail to follow the rules. Non-compliant messaging can also drastically harm your brand's reputation and turn away customers.


+ This may potentially result in violating privacy or spam laws.

+ This could then result in big fines

+ Which results in huge reputation damage

+ Lack of trust from future customers and prospects

+ Pissed off prospects

+ And ultimately losing potential and existing customers

+ Which will have an impact on revenue and market share

Mann Materials can be used during face-to-face interactions to incentivise marketing opt-in while complying with GDPR, POPI and CCPA. Examples of face-to-face interactions include:


Events: Sponsored Events, Fundraising Events, Speaking Events



Trade Shows

Business Expos


Lunch and Learns

In Field Sales When Meeting Prospects

Golf Tournaments

Road Shows

Sport Days

Company Tours

Collaborate with complementary businesses and organizations for distribution

Co-marketing with partners for distribution

Company Introduction Package

Compliment other marketing materials like flyers, brochures

Give it out during in person meetings


VIP Dinners

Point Of Sales

Product launches

Entertainment events

Community meetups

Thought leadership workshops

Fundraisers/Philanthropic events

Incentivize people to join your virtual events

Customer Appreciation


Thank You Gifts

Adventures & Retreats

Career Fairs

In Store Promotions


Incentivizing referrals

Guerilla Marketing

Press Outreach

When someone comes to your office

Public relations

Bulk Mailings

In reception areas

Product launches

With Mann Materials Intelligent Products, watch your marketing opt-in rates increase.

Whilst gaining consent from your visitors to track is ethically correct, getting it done right is not as straight forward as you may initially think. In a nutshell, you are going to lose data - it’s a simple fact that some people do not wish to be tracked and will not opt-in. It’s the price you pay in order to gain the trust of your visitors.


What is a reasonable opt-in rate? Depending how you implement your consent banner, the price to be paid can be a disastrous 70% loss of visitor traffic, or it can be a manageable 20-30% loss.


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