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Advanced Personalisation

Retail Customer Data Capture

Get actionable customer data that is unavailable anywhere else

Are you letting your prospects and customers walk out of your store without collecting actionable data that can help you remarket to them?


Once they leave, there would be no way for you to directly contact them again. This leads to:


+ Waste of face-to-face opportunity to filter high paying customers

+ No way to market to them directly

+ Loss of control of the conversation

+ Potential for competitor to poach them

+ Lost opportunities to send them promotions to come back to the store

+ Lost opportunities to upsell

+ Lost opportunities to increase revenue and profits

+ Missed opportunity to meet and exceed KPI

+ Competitors use the actionable data to dominate remarketing campaigns

What if you can engage every single prospect and customer before leaving your store? What if you can collect their opt-in contact information as well as other actionable data which you can use to remarket to them effectively?


With Mann Materials you can now:

+ Collect their data which you cannot find anywhere else such as product preferences, upsell preferences, promotion preferences,

+ Multichannel contact data for future marketing campaigns

+ Get marketing consent (comply with privacy and data laws)

+ Get intelligent analytics data for online advertising

+ Remarketing opportunities

+ Direct reorder via smartphone

Every single customer who walks out of your store – you now have:

+ Their name

+ 3-4 ways to contact them: email, SMS, direct mail, retargeting

+ Opt-in consent

+ Actionable data: products they like, discounts they want to see, upsell opportunities

+ Intelligent predictive analytics data for advertising

+ 1000-3000 impressions of your brand as they keep and use the item daily

+ Smartphone engagement avenue

For your organisation, this means:

+ An Immediate edge over the competition

+ Increase in engagement and response rate

+ Increase in upsell opportunities

+ Decrease in ROAS

+ Increase in direct reorders

+ Meeting and exceeding important marketing metrics and KPIs =

+ Increase in revenue and profit


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